FAQs - Spaceships Rentals UK & Europe

We know that hiring a campervan can be a big decision and you may have a couple of questions before you book. On this page we have compiled a list of the most common questions we receive here at Spaceships HQ.

If your question isn't answered here then please get in touch. We are available 9am to 4pm UK time on the phone (+44 208 573 2300) or you can send us an email


Top Questions

Where can I collect my Spaceship?

You can collect your Spaceship Camper 7 days a week from London, Edinburgh or Dublin..

We are booking a Ferry and need the registration number. Can you supply this before we pick up our Spaceship?

We cannot supply registration numbers of Spaceships as they may be a change of the vehicle at the last minute. Many ferry companies will be happy if you offer them the dimensions of the Spaceship and enter either "HIRE CAR" or "TBA" when asked for the vehicle registration.

Vehicle dimensions are:


Alpha 2 berth  

Height: 1.82 metres

Width: 1.69 metres

Length: 4.69 metres


Beta 2 berth 

Height: 1.82 metres

Width: 1.69 metres

Length: 4.69 metres


VW Camper Car

Height: 1.82 metres

Width: 1.82 metres

Length: 4.40 metres


Voyager 4-berth

Height: 1.92 metres

Width: 1.99 metres

Length: 5.34 metres

Hiring a campervan in the UK

Why is hiring a campervan popular in the UK?

The UK is full of beautiful landscapes and amazing history. What better way to explore the big cities and small laneways of the local villages than at your own pace? A Spaceship offers you the freedom and flexibility of a campervan, while being easy to drive and park, like a car.

Enjoy the world-class attractions, great camping grounds and friendly locals - travel the UK and Europe in a Spaceship and do what you want, when you want!

Is there parking at the depot to leave my car when I pick up the Spaceship?

Our depot in Hayes unfortunately doesn’t have a secure area for parking. However, the nearest paid parking area is Purple Parking, Hayes or alternatively try the website www.parkatmyhouse.com for a cheap alternative to leave your car.

We always recommend, if you can, to reach our depot via public transport. Hayes & Harlington is the nearest train station to us and can be reached from Paddington Station in Central London (20 minutes) or Heathrow airport (6 minutes). We are only 2 minute walk from Hayes & Harlington station.

The Edinburgh and Dublin depots have on-street parking close to the depot.

Can I use a Spaceship to go to festivals in the UK?

Yes! Spaceships are perfect for your festival road trip. Whether you're interested in just transportation to a festival or whether you want to camp at a festival, there's always a Spaceships campervan, camping car or people mover that's perfect for you (and your mates).

Check out the amazing UK music festivals that are taking place this year. All the festival info, bands, camping & ticket information can be found there.

Do you allow pets?

Unfortunately we do not allow pets to travel in our vehilcles.

Spaceship Features

How many people can you seat?

Alpha and Beta Spaceships have 2 seats in the front and 2 smaller seats in the back. It can seat 4 people or 3 large people comfortably. A few of our fleet have three seats instead of four so please let us know in advance if you need four seats.

The VW Camper Car has seating for two.

The Voyager 4-berth had 5 seats.

How many people can sleep in a Spaceship?

Every Spaceship comes with a full size double bed. This bed can sleep 2 adults with a maximum of 3 people if you're really good friends! With the Alpha and Beta vehicles you can sleep in the bed fully inside the vehicle or extended out the back into the canvas awning for 30% more space and ventilation. Click here to find out more info.

The Voyager 4-berth comes with two double beds, but also works perfectly as a luxury 2-berth.

Does a Spaceship come with bedding and living gear?

Yes, in your Spaceship you get a bottom sheet, two pillows, pillow cases and a duvet with a duvet cover. You’ll also get plates, cups, cutlery, bowls, a pot and pan, can opener and much more provided free of charge.

Is the driving and sleeping comfortable for tall people (over 2m tall) as well?

You can adjust the driver’s seat and steering wheel so you will be comfortable while driving round the UK & Europe. The bed in the Alpha and Beta is basically a standard double at 1.4m wide and 1.92m long but has the unique option of additional space when you extend the bed outside and can easily fit up to 2.1m for taller people to be able to stretch out.

The VW Camper Car has the bed measuring 1.92m long by 1.46m wide and a little extra headroom.

The Voyager 4-berth has one large double bed and smaller double. It also has the most headroom out of all of our vehicles.

Can I plug in my MP3 player or iPod?

A FREE ipod / MP3 cord is attached to your Spaceship stereo so you are able to listen to your favourite tunes while you travel around. You will need to bring your own charger that plugs into the cigarette lighter.

What sort of stereo is in a Spaceship?

Spaceships are fitted out with CD/AM/FM stereos and a 4 speaker surround sound speaker system! So you can bring your ipod or favourite CDs with you.

Should we bring suitcases or soft bags?

If possible we recommend you bring soft bags (like a backpack) to make the most of the storage area. There is room for 2 large backpacks in the rear storage area.


The measurements for storage are:

- Alpha, Beta and VW Campering Car: Rear Storage 1.30m wide by 65 cm across and 32cm deep - Central main storage 60cm by 60cm and 32cm - Storage behind fridge 35cm wide, 43cm long, 32 cm deep

- Voyager 4-berth: 1.80m wide by 70cm across by 60cm deep

Are there 4 wheel drive spaceships?

In the UK we do not have 4WD options.

Can I choose the name of my Spaceship?

Every Spaceship has its own ‘spacey’ name. Due to the popularity of vehicles we cannot ensure you one with a specific name you could be after. We’re sure you’ll enjoy whichever you get.

Spaceship engine and vehicle Specifications

What are the vehicle specifications?

Alpha 2 berth  

Height: 1.82 metres

Width: 1.69 metres

Length: 4.69 metres


Beta 2 berth 

Height: 1.82 metres

Width: 1.69 metres

Length: 4.69 metres


VW Camper Car

Height: 1.82 metres

Width: 1.82 metres

Length: 4.40 metres


Voyager 4-berth

Height: 1.92 metres

Width: 1.99 metres

Length: 5.34 metres

What type of car is a Spaceship?

All Alpha and Beta model Spaceships are Toyota Lucidas or Estimas (people movers), these are basically the same as Previas in Europe and Taragos in Australia. They were built as high specification, good quality vehicles (rather than just being vans) in the first place so even though we start with low milage second-hand vehicles we can ensure they are structurally and mechanically very good cars to drive and extremely safe.

The VW Camper Car is based on a brand new Volkswagen Caddy so have very low mileage. They have the best fuel economy of any campervan available to hire in Europe and are built to Volkswagen's renowned high standards.

The Voyager 4-berth is based on the brand new Ford Transit Kombi and comes with start-stop technology for greater fuel efficiency.

What size is the engine?

Alpha and Beta model Spaceships have 2.4 litre environmentally friendly (Euro 3 standard) engines.

The Volkswagen Camper Car has a 1.6 litre turbo diesel engine and is the most fuel-efficient camper available for hire in Europe.

The Voyager 4-berth has a 2.2 litre TDCI diesel engine.

Is the Spaceship a petrol engine?

Alpha and Beta model Spaceships run on unleaded petrol. 

The VW Camper Car and Voyager 4-Berth run on diesel

Do you have to have the car running to play DVDs?

This is applicable to the Alpha and Beta vehicles which have a DVD player.

You do not have to have the car running to watch DVDs as Spaceships come with 2 batteries. The main battery runs the engine and the 2nd runs the DVD player, fridge and internal lights. This means you are able to watch DVDs at night and run down the 2nd battery (it should last 2-4 hours for the DVD player and Fridge and over 24 hours using just the lights), and still be able to start the vehicle in the morning. The 2nd battery just self-charges as you drive so you can charge it up during the day and watch more movies the next night!

Do you have left-hand drive vans

At the moment all of our vehicles are UK spec right-hand drive. This isn't a problem when driving in continental Europe and is something many British people do all the time with their own car.

Spaceship accessories hiring terms/Bond Reduction

Are there any One Way hire fees?

One way hires are available between all of our depots.

One-way fees do change depending on demand. To see the exact cost for your one way hire get a quote here.

Can I hire a Spaceship if I am 18?

Currently the driver of the vehicle must be 21 or over to be covered by insurance.

What does the excess mean?

We take an excess from your credit card when you pick up your Spaceship. This is the amount of the insurance excess if an accident occurs during your Spaceship hire for which you are deemed at fault. The excess is £1500.

We do not deduct the excess from the credit card, but instead freeze the funds to deduct in an event of an accident. The funds are then released when the vehicle is returned provided no damage has occurred. Credit card details must be on all rental agreements and must be the credit card of the main hirer unless prior arrangements have been made. Where a credit card is not available, a cash bond will be held by Spaceships UK Ltd for 21 days following hire and a staff administration fee will be charged.

You can choose if you want to pay Full or Half Cover and reduce your excess or we will hold the full amount of excess to cover your liability – any accident-damages costs plus any extra cost or any traffic infringements, losses or breakages.

What insurance options do I have? What would you recommend?

All Spaceships come with standard insurance included for no extra cost in the daily rate.

As the hirer you are responsible for the excess (bond) of £1500.

This covers the cost of damage to Third Party property or to the rented vehicle, including single vehicle accident, towing and recovery costs, theft of the vehicle, fire, break in or vandalism.

There are a number of options available to you if you wish to reduce your excess:


Cost per day


Maximum Collectable Insurance*

Standard Cover




Half Cover




All Inclusive 


No bond


* Maximum collectable insurance means the total maximum cost for selecting a particular insurance option.

The cover provided by each insurance option is set out below:


Standard Cover

Half Cover

All Inclusive

Windscreen Cover




Window/Glass damage












Under body




Free Table & Chairs Hire




Out of hours collection/return

No No Yes

Spaceships recommends that you take the All Inclusive option for your own peace of mind.

What age do you have to be to drive a Spaceship?

To drive a Spaceship you must be aged 21 or over and under the age of 75 (increased excess for people 70 years and over may apply).

Is there a minimum hire period?

The minimum rental period is 3 days for pick up in London and 7 days when hiring from Edinburgh and Dublin. Please note there may be greater minimum hire periods at peak times (April - September). This may vary based on availability.

Are there any hidden costs once I pay for my hire?

There are no nasty hidden costs to surprise you when you arrive to collect your Spaceship. Tax (VAT), standard insurance and unlimited kilometres are included in your daily rate along with extra driver fees, road user charges, all equipment, roadside support service, credit card fees etc. Please note: personal insurance is not included in your Spaceship hire and we strongly recommend you get it to cover yourself and your personal belongings in the event of an accident or theft.

Is there a charge for additional drivers?

You are welcome to have all your passengers drive (up to 4 different drivers per vehicle) for no extra charge.

Is it possible to multiply the hire in the UK, Australia and New Zealand?

Unfortunately, We CANNOT combine UK, Australia and New Zealand hires because of the different currencies. If you do hire a Spaceship in Australia or New Zealand before the UK we will give you a special deal – please email us info@spaceshipsrentals.co.uk and ask!


Booking your Spaceship

When should I book my Spaceship Camper?

If you can, we advise you to book in advance (we often have early bird specials). If you’re travelling in peak season (June to August and over Christmas) we recommend you book a couple of months in advance. Please note: if you are trying to book last minute please email us as there are occasionally a few cancellations and last minute availability can sometimes be offered.

Can I amend my booking later? How flexible are the dates?

If you are booking your Spaceship well in advance it is usually no problem to slightly adjust your pick up or drop off dates (subject to availability). During peak season (May – September) you will need to give us as much notice as possible. The hire price will not be reduced if you chose to significantly shorten your trip. Once you start your hire it can be more difficult and you will need to contact us as soon as possible to see if you can.

What payment methods do you accept?

Online and phone bookings require non-refundable 20% deposits, these must be made by Visa or Mastercard. The balance of your rental can be paid with a different Visa or Mastercard if required, or with cash. 


If you would like to discuss other payment options, please contact us: info@spaceshipsrentals.co.uk

How do I secure a booking via the website?

To book your Spaceship simply click on the 'GET A QUOTE’ button then enter your travel dates and enter your details into the booking form. Then you can choose to confirm your booking and pay a 20% deposit (via credit card on our secure online payment system), or you can submit your Spaceship booking details as a request and we will contact you via email to answer any questions you may have.

Are the online payments secure?

Yes. We use a secure server for processing your credit card payments. You can check this is working by looking for the padlock symbol in your browser during processing. This means your data is being encrypted using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol.

Do I have to pay a deposit when booking?

To secure a booking you need to pay a non-refundable deposit of 20% of the overall hire cost. The easiest way is to pay securely online via our website with your credit card. If you would rather pay over the phone, by fax or email then you can submit your details as a booking request and we will then contact you to arrange payment and discuss any questions you have about your booking and travelling in the UK.

When should we pay the balance of the hire?

For London pickups you need to pay the remaining balance of your hire when you pick up your Spaceship. You can pay this by Visa, Mastercard or cash.

For Dublin and Edinburgh the balance of the hire needs to be paid 7 days in advance of the pickup date.

We will also need credit card details to secure your bond/excess. Card details need to be provided irrespective of the insurance option chosen.

What is a booking request?

If you would rather pay via phone, fax, email or other payment option you can submit your booking details as a request (no deposit will be paid at this stage). Please write all your comments, questions or further requirements in the comments box. We will contact you within 24 hours to arrange payment, answer any questions you may have and confirm your booking.

Can I call the office to make a booking?

You can call the UK office to make a booking however email or via our webiste is our preferred method of contact. Phone +44 (0) 208 573 2300. Our London offices handles enquiries for all Spaceships Europe locations


Travel and campground Information

Can I sleep anywhere or do I have to stay in campgrounds? Is free camping allowed in the UK?

There are only a few areas in the UK that free-camping is illegal though in England and Wales the law states that you should seek permission before camping. If you can’t find anyone to ask we suggest you use your discretion and follow any local signs. Spaceships ask you to respect all areas of UK and not just camp anywhere. Please be responsible to the environment and dispose of all your waste correctly. There are lots of public toilet facilities to use free of charge all around the UK so please use these. We have a comprehensive list of places to free (wild) camp all over the UK listed here. In your Spaceship there is information on the various networks of campervan and holiday parks with toilets and hot showers, powered sites, kitchens, TV rooms, laundromats, internet even swimming pools!

Holiday or caravan park campgrounds have an average cost £8-£15 for non-power campsites and £15-£25 for powered sites. You can also check these web pages to find more about campsites: ukcampsite.co.uk camp-sites

Please see the basic information below about free (wild) camping in the UK:

  • Keep groups small
  • Camp as unobtrusively as possible
  • Leave camp as you found it
  • Remove all litter (even other people's)
  • Carry out everything you carried in
  • Carry out tampons and sanitary towels (burying them doesn't work as animals dig them up again)
  • Toilet duties should be performed 30m (100ft) from water and the results buried using a trowel or spade
  • At all times, help preserve the environment
  • Take only photos, leave only footprints
  • Adhere to any signs – If it says “No overnight camping” then don’t stay there
  • And if you are in any doubt about what you're doing, find out more, ask a local!

Should I book campgrounds in advance?

Travelling from June – August you may have to book the more popular campgrounds in advance so not to be disappointed, otherwise you should be fine. Please note: some campgrounds are closed in winter (between November and February)

How far can I travel on a full tank of fuel?

You should expect to cover around 300 miles on a tank of fuel in an Alpha, 400 miles in a Beta and 600 miles in a VW Camper Car or Voyager 4-berth.

The Camper Car is Europe's most fuel efficient camper.

Am I insured to drive the camper on unsealed roads?

No, you are non insured to drive on unsealed roads.

Please note that vehicles are not covered by insurance when travelling on the following roads and countries:
- non-sealed roads
- non-European Union countries

Will we be warm enough in our Spaceship during the winter nights?

Winter is a great time to see the UK. The crowds are gone and there are good deals on campgrounds and activities to be had. Spaceship vehicles are insulated like a good car unlike a steel van (like a Hiace or other vans) keeping you naturally far warmer.

Pick up/drop off and airport transfers

Can I pick-up late or drop-off early?

We are open from 9am till 5pm Monday to Sunday. Weekend pickups and drop-offs are by appointment only. You need to pick up and drop off your vehicle between 9am and 4pm. 

We can offer late collections and returns in London between 4pm and midnight provided you have chosen the All-Inclusive insurance option. You can select this option when you make your booking online.

Airport transfers


The Spaceships depot is just a 6-minute train ride and a 3-minute walk from London Heathrow airport. If you are coming from one of the other London airports (Gatwick, Stansted or Luton) you can take a National Express coach to Heathrow.

Dublin & Edinburgh

Transfers can be arranged for Dublin and Edinburgh at an additional cost. Prices are available when you get a quote online.

Are you based at London Heathrow airport?

Our London depot isn't based on Heathrow airport, but it's super close and easy to reach. From Heathrow airport, it's only a 6-minutes train ride (on the Heathrow Connect train to Hayes & Harlington) or a 15-minutes bus ride (bus 140 to Hayes & Harlington station) to the Spaceships London depot. That's why we're London's most conveniently located campervan, car & motorhome rental company.

Travelling in Europe

Can we take our Spaceship to Europe?

Yes you can! The Spaceships office is located only 30 minutes from the centre of London and close to motorways to get you quickly on your way to catch the ferry/train to Europe. European Insurance is now included in the daily hire price so there will no longer be any extra cost for your travels in Europe! With depots in Barcelona and Rome you can now also do a one-way hire across Europe.

How much does the ferry cost and do I need to pre-book?

With the exception of the Voyager 4-berth, your Spaceship will classify as a car on the ferry to France.  For 2 adults and 1 Spaceship return the prices range from £38 - £80.  If you want to go through the channel tunnel Spaceships may also be classified as a car and the prices range from £96 - £397! Most of the time you won’t need to pre-book but you can get early bird or last minute specials!

Will we be covered by insurance in Europe?

Yes, you are insured to drive in all European Union countries plus Croatia at no extra charge.

You will need to purchase headlamp converters and a VoH Certificate from us. This costs just £10 in total and is compulsory when travelling in Europe. We will explain what they do when you pick up your Spaceship!

What countries can I drive in?

You are insured to drive in All European Union countries plus Switzerland, Norway, Croatia and Serbia.

Can I camp at festivals in Europe with a Spaceship?

It depends on the festival, but when they have a campsite available or nearby then yes you can camp at that festival. Have a look at these awesome music festivals in Europe of which most of them offer camping spaces. Just make sure to check whether you need to purchase a separate campervan / camping ticket or if it's already included in your festival ticket.

A Spaceship is perfect for festivals as they are classified as a (camping) car and not as big motorhomes. They're easy to drive around and it'll save you heaps of money. Plus, you'll have your drinks and snacks in the fridge or storage, a gas cooker and everything to refuel yourself before partying hard again. Oh and all your belongings are stored safe and secure in a Spaceship.