Our free road trip planner is the secret to the best road trip in UK & Europe

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It's road trip time. Start planning!

✓ Free trip planning tool

✓ Easy to create itineraries

✓ Share on screen or paper

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Our free road trip planner is the secret to the best road trip

We've teamed up with TripCreator to make planning your road trip easier than ever before. You can now plan your UK or Europe trip day by day... Even hour by hour. Add activities, accommodation and more. Change of plans? Drag and drop an activity to another day or time. You can even book it online via our road trip planning tool.

Say goodbye to multiple tabs. Complete your booking all at once or item-by-item in a single checkout without leaving our site. Start planning now.

Using the free road trip planner

Enter the place or country you would like to go to, your travel dates and the number of people that will be travelling. You'll be taken to our free trip planning tool to plan the perfect road trip. Simply add the activities, accommodation or other things you would like to see and do. Drag and drop to change your itinerary. Easy as.

Suggested itineraries

Here are some of our favourite road trip itineraries, created in the free road trip planning tool. 

✓ Scotland 11-Day Adventure
✓ England 6-Day Tour
✓ Ultimate European Adventure: 40 days

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