Our free road trip planner is the secret to the best road trip in UK & Europe

Posted on 24/01/2019 by Spaceships Crew

Are you someone who loves to travel? The last thing you would want to do on your trip is to think about all the accommodations along the way and how to make your trip the most affordable one possible. It is so much better to just kick back and enjoy the best road trip while someone else figures out all the details.

For this, you would most likely turn to the internet for apps and sites that plan and book the whole trip in advance. Luckily for you, there is now a free road trip planner that has all the necessary details in one place, everything from the moment you leave your home to your destination and back.

Spaceships & TripCreator road trip planner tool

The founder of TripCreator is an ardent traveller and knew the excitement of choosing a trip only to be confused and tired with all the tabs opened on different travel apps. While the other apps provide thorough information, they do so only in one field. It is up to the traveller to tie all the pieces together.

This free road trip planner was then created as a resolution to the process of sorting out all the details of the trip, anything from the travel to the accommodation to getting around your dream city, to what is going to be eaten is all provided for the best road trip of your life.

Being the road trip specialists, it's a logical step that we teamed up with TripCreator to create this Spaceships trip creator tool. Now you can plan your trip from day to day, book activities, accommodation and more.


How it works

The free road trip planner is simple and easy to use. You can create itineraries within minutes using the drag-and-drop feature in Calendar. You can create a travel package by adjusting the duration of each item to make the most out of each day of the trip.

If you want to share your itineraries with others or just want to have them in front of you for ease of assess, you can download the itineraries on your screen as PDFs, share them using a link or through email, or print them.

The whole booking process can be completed on a single page using an item-by-item checkout without leaving the site. Start planning your road trip now.

Inventory of the road trip planner

The system has a rich inventory from suppliers throughout the UK & Europe... Worldwide actually. This is one of the options. The other is that you can choose your own inventory by arranging accommodations, activities, and places to visit. You can save all of your inventories and templates for future use or share them with your friends.

Voyager road trip mountains

Start planning that awesome trip using our free road trip planner

Pricing: gotta love FREE

The trip planner is free for life. With it, you can create itineraries, save them, and share them with others. You will have access to an unlimited custom inventory library, thousands of points of interests, and a global supplier offering that includes flights, activities, hotels, and flights.

For those that are new to travelling and using such apps, free webinars and training are included as well as email and live chat support.

So, what are you waiting for? Travelling was never this easy and now you can spend less time planning your trip and more time to enjoy the best one ever. Start creating the perfect itinerary.

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