Work with us and save on your roadie!

Posted on 03/06/2018 by Spaceships Crew

Are you an established travel blogger? Are you a semi-professional photographer or filmmaker? Or have you done some travel writing on your personal blog? Awesome. Are you up for an adventure and fancy seeing the UK and/or Europe in a Spaceships campervan? Then you've come to the right place. Let's see if we can get you on the road to create content for us.

Partner with us to take over the Galaxy

At Spaceships we love working with bloggers and other creators of amazing content. It isn't a job, but more like a fun (freelance) assignment. Have a look at who we would like to work with or what kind of content we're looking for.

1. Travel writer / blogger

Have blog, will travel, and want to write about it? If that's your motto then we have an offer you can't refuse. Travel around the UK or Europe in a Spaceships campervan and create blog content about it. Publish it either on your travel blog or on an established blog you are working for. Let's talk about what you can do for us and about what we can offer you, contact us now.

2. Photographer and/or Videographer

Are you always chasing sunsets or looking for creative angles to photograph that amazing scenery? Or do you love making vlogs or creative videos about roadtripping in the UK or Europe? Contact us as we are always looking for awesome photo or video content.

3. Social Influencer

Are you an Instagram or Facebook superstar? Do people love your posts on any of the other social media channels? Can you connect a funky and cool brand like Spaceships Rentals UK with a relevant audience of travellers or road trip fans from around the world? Let's talk as we love to get the word out about Spaceships in a fun and creative way.


What we are are looking for:

  • A couple or two friends (travelling together is more fun)
  • Travellers aged 21 and over
  • Knowledge of and experience in your area of expertise:
    • Photography or creating amazing videos
    • Or, travel writing or creating blog posts (travel writer/blogger)
    • Or, engaging a large target audience (as social influencer)
  • Be confident on camera or in your writing. You'll need to be able to create content that will inspire others. After reading your blog post or seeing your photos or videos people should want to go on a road trip.
  • Passionate explorers who love to share his/her passion through amazing content

Become famous in outer space

Share your #spaceshipsroadtrip with the travelling community around the world. And even get paid with a free or discounted road trip. We're always on the lookout for creative, high-quality content.

Content that we'll like to use to inspire more travellers to go for a road trip. Your photos, videos and blog posts will be seen be heaps of fellow travellers from all over the world... And perhaps even from other galaxies. With names like Stargate and Millennium Falcon, you'll never know how far a Spaceships campervan might travel. 

Travelling to other galaxies as well?

Well, maybe not to other galaxies, but if you do have plans to travel to the Souther Hemisphere, check this out... We also have overseas mates that would love to work with creators of awesome content.

Travel blogger wanted: explore the UK or Europe for free

Travel blogger jobs... Uh, fun assignments that never feel like a job. Create content for us and travel for free.