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Beta 2-berth The Original Model

This is the original Beta Spaceship model which has evolved from our very first spaceship. It's the perfect companion for your UK and Europe campervan adventure


The clever layout of the vehicle enables an internal and external sleeping option, seating for up to 4 people, DVD player, self-contained power system with two batteries, iPod/MP3 cable, 15 litre fridge, cooker, double sliding doors, big side awning and inside table!

All these features combined packed into an easy to drive Toyota vehicle make a Beta Spaceship a very comfortable and cost effective option for campervan hire in the UK and Europe. Rates from £25 per day and available all year.

1. Inside Bed Option

Beta internal sleep

  • Includes comfortable, full size double bed with the back door closed
  • Use in colder weather or when camping in more urban areas
  • Smart design means you don't need to rearrange to access your luggage
  • Bed measures 1.92m long and 1.4m wide when set up internally.

Beta Spaceships comfortably sleep 2 adults. All linen/bedding is included in your hire price. To set up: Turn the rear seat around to face the back door, set up the internal bed legs (provided for free) then sit the bed extension on top of the rear seat. This will take you less than 10 seconds to set up and dismantle.

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2. External Bed Option

Beta Rear bed set up looking in2

The external bed option is unique to Spaceships and provides up to 30% more internal space as well as providing excellent ventilation. It only takes a few minutes to set up. Just pull out the rear bed extension and hook on the rear awning. 



3. Portable Cooker

Camping Cooker For Campervan Rental

A unique and easy-to-use cooker stand is included to make preparing dinner hassle free. It also keeps those cooking smells out of the van. A handy water container is located just inside the sliding door which has a hand pump for easy pouring. The side awning can be set up in minutes and is waterproof - so great for the sun or the rain

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4. Self-Contained Dual Battery System

rocket 4

There are two batteries in the Beta 2-berth Spaceship. One is the normal car battery and the second is a leisure battery to power all your accessories. The dual battery system ensures that no matter how much power you have consumed from the second battery, the campervan will always start. The system is all automatic so you don't need to any complicated electronics to use the van. To charge up the leisure battery just go for a drive.

Having all the power self-contained means there is no need to pay the surcharge for using the electricity hookup at campsites.



5. Belted seating for up to 4

beta seating for 4

The rear seat can take two people or one baby/booster seat. Some of our Beta campers have 3 seats so please as when hiring your campervan if you require 4 seats.


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6. Entertainment System

rocket 7

All vehicles are fitted with an AM/FM radio and CD/MP3 player. If you've brought your own tunes along on your smartphone then you can play these through the auxilliary cord which plugs into the radio.



7. Secure Luggage Store

Beta rear storage

Access to the rear storage is through the boot of the vehicle and has space for two large backpacks. We recommend bringing soft bags or cases as it helps to utilise the space more effectively. Even with the rear awning in place the storage area can be accessed through a clever zip panel in the back of the awning. Behind the rear seats is another storage area for all of your cooking equipment, cutlery and food.


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8. Fridge/Freezer

Beta Fridge

Our Beta 2-berth fridges are made by Engel, who are renowned for making tough and reliable equipment designed for the Australian Outback. Cleverly located under the bed  to maximise space.






9. 3-way Swivel Seat

Beta swivel seat

The seat in the rear of the vehicle can be set to three different positions

1. Forwards: Use this position to carry two extra people in the back.

2. Sideways: Swivel the chair to face the sliding door to create a great living space and set up the internal table.

3. Backwards: This option is used to set up the internal bed option. The built-in bed supports enable a full length bed to be set up without the boot open. 


10. Automatic transmission

Beta auto transmission

If you can drive a small car then you can drive a Beta 2-berth Spaceship. Easy to park in cities and multi-storey car parks, you'll have the freedom to go wherever you like.  


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