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VW Camper

Introducing the all new VW Camper Car for 2014. Based on a Volkswagen caddy platform the vehicle comes with many of the features of a larger campervan.  All vehicles are 2014 models and come with a manual transmission, extra large double bed, single burner cooker & cooking utensils, cool box and privacy curtains. Other great features include iPod connectivity, cleverly designed storage space, huge side awning and industry leading fuel economy (London to Berlin on a single tank of fuel!)



At Spaceships we think hiring a campervan is one of the best ways to gain appreciation of the great outdoors. It offers unique opportunities to see an awful lot in a short space of time whilst still being able to get off the beaten track and see some of those paces that the organised tours miss out. We needed to create a new product which continued to give customers a great experience, but with far better fuel economy.

Picking the right vehicle was a critical decision for Spaceships. We chose the latest 1.6L Diesel version of the Volkswagen Caddy. As well as having amazing fuel efficiency – it will do over 1,000km on one tank of fuel – it is also has class leading reliability which is vital for us. The Caddy is built with excellent integrated storage which we were able to utilise in our design.

The principle behind our fit-out of the vehicle was to make it simple, but effective and to give customers what they really want.

It might seem obvious, but a big comfy bed is the most important thing in a campervan. Many larger campervan manufacturers try to squeeze in a kitchen, leaving a double bed that’s actually not much wider than a single. To build our beds we worked with a specialist company on the south coast who are more accustomed to fitting out luxury yachts than campervans. They custom-built our mattresses to maximise the full width of the vehicle. The interiors are built from a special lightweight plastic to further increase fuel efficiency.

A very simple yet effective side awning was sourced to provide some sheltered outside space. This can easily be converted to create a totally enclosed space, effectively making an extra room. The Camper Car is also fitted with a powered chiller for your food, thermo-insulating curtains, a full cooking kit and cutlery. There isn’t much point in creating the world’s most environmentally friendly campervan if it was not environmentally friendly to build. All major components were constructed in the UK which significantly reduced the carbon footprint of each fit-out.



VW Camper Hire Layout 2









Why pay for a hotel when you take you bed with you. Our Camper car comfortably sleeps two adults.

Features include:

  • Extra large double bed. Comfortable new mattress with tailored interior
  • Smart design and layout means no need to re-arrange luggage when it’s time to sleep
  • Includes all linen/bedding
  • Extra head room for those taller customers
  • Dual access via sliding door and rear barn doors
  • Bed measures 1.90m long and 1.46m wide
  • Privacy curtains



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Each camper car comes with a portable one element cooker. These are the perfect camping companion. Other features include:




Huge storage, Table and cool box


Each camper car comes with plenty of storage space, removable table and a cool box. Our cool boxes are specially designed to keep your beverages/perishables chilled on those hot summer days.


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Side awning


Each camper car comes with its own specially designed side awning. These are the perfect companion for summer holidays. Their unique design allows for a quick and easy set up.




Ipod connectivity CD player and Radio


No road trip is complete without some good tunes. All of our Camper cars come with ipod connectivity to make sure you are entertained and on your summer journeys.


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Easy to drive Manual transmission


An added bonus of hiring one of our camper cars is that it does what the box says. It drives like a car.  Each camper car comes with a manual transmission and efficient diesel engine.



Efficiency and safety


Being a diesel vehicle our camper cars are one of the most fuel efficient options to travel throughout the UK & Europe. With a combined fuel consumption of 49 MPG our campers cars have a range of up to 644 Miles per tank. This is almost twice the range of many of our competitors and means you don’t have to fill up as often.


To put this in perspective on one tank of fuel from London you are able to reach:

  • London to Zurich
  • London to Hamburg
  • London to Berlin
  • London to Lyon
  • London to Loch Ness 
  • London to Dublin... and back again!




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