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Why hire a Spaceship - Spaceships UK & Europe

Why Spaceships?

A Spaceship campervan combines the low running costs of a car with the useful features of a campervan, creating the prefect vehicle for your camping adventure.

We have spent years listening to customers and improving the unique features in our vehicles. What you've told us is that you want a fuel efficient, easy-to-drive vehicle and a comfy bed. Campsites always have great shower and toilet facilities so there is no need to lug a bathroom around in the back of your camper. This frees up additional space for a proper size bed so you'll have a good night's sleep wherever you are.


The Spaceship is equally at home on a remote, natural campsite or on a large resort-style site with all the facilities. You don't even need to stay on a campsite if you don't want to.


A Spaceship is the smart, affordable alternative to a motorhome.


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All Inclusive Insurance

Take the hassle out of your trip with All-Inclusive insurance. For £15 per day the excess is reduced to £0 for total peace of mind. In the event of an accident you won't need to deal with any third party insurers. Spaceships will take care of everything for you.


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No hidden costs

There's nothing worse than being stung for unknown extras when you come to collect your rental vehicle. All Spaceships costs are explained when you make your booking. We don't charge for extra drivers, mileage is unlimited and all cooking equipment and bedding is included. Taking the All-Inclusive cover means there will not be any additional costs if you have an accident.

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On road support service

We have a unique network around Europe of Space Stations who can provide discounts and advice on what to do or see in the local area. You will also be able to swap DVDs at our Space Stations.

BVRLA Quality Assured

Spaceships UK are members of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association. Our offices and vehicles are regularly inspected and always pass with flying colours. You can be assured your vehicle will be maintained to the highest standards.


Cost saving features

  • Fuel economy of a car at 9 litres per 100km for a Beta 2 berth.
  • Seat belted seating for 4 people allowing you to share fuel costs by 4.
  • Dual battery system that self charges as you drive so you do not need to pay for powered campsites every night.
  • Side awning with all Beta Spaceships (means you don’t have to buy a tarpaulin to protect you from the sun and rain to cook under)
  • Can book on the ferry as the smallest car saving you £££.
  • DVD exchange with other Spaceships.
  • Lower bond than most other companies – means more money for you to spend.
  • The Bond is only frozen NOT DEDUCTED.
  • All Inclusive is capped at £400  if you are hiring over 27 days.
  • No additional charges for single vehicle accidents.
  • The bed allows extra leg room for tall people.
  • Bed, cooker and wheels all in one.


Customer comments

Travellers' comments, advice and experiences. 

"Comfy bed and economical"

"Perfect for getting around town and parking"

"The best way to see Scotland"

"A great way to have the freedom to go anywhere yet know the service is there should you need it"

"Compact, but with all the amenities"

"Perfect for the UK's winding country roads. Glad we didn't hire a big Motorhome!"


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