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Why hire a Spaceship - Spaceships UK & Europe

Let Spaceships take you on your next Adventure!

What do you want when exploring the world in a campervan or motorhome? We have been asking our customers those questions for over 10 years. Our multi award vehicles come in a range of options, from 2 berth right up to 7 berth options. Fuel economy, mobility, reliability and comfort are always on our minds, and our unique vehicle fit outs make the most of the generous space that our vehicles have.

We pride ourselves on delivering a range of vehicles perfect for any holiday or road trip, whether it be a 3 day weekend close to home or on a massive 3 month trip around Europe. What ever your needs, we have a vehicle for you.

Looking to get off the beaten track and explore the Scottish Highlands, or how about the interior of the Balkans or Sicily? Looking to park up at an epic camp site on the Amalfi coast or Southern Spain for a week but still want to do some exploring? With a range of vehicles with leisure batteries and mains power hook ups, you choose where to make your next Home. 

All Inclusive Insurance

Take the hassle out of your trip with All-Inclusive insurance. For £15 per day the excess is reduced to £0 (£20 per day for motorhomes) for total peace of mind. In the event of an accident you won't need to deal with any third party insurers. Spaceships will take care of everything for you so you can continue on your holiday.

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No hidden costs

There's nothing worse than being stung for unknown extras when you come to collect your rental vehicle. All Spaceships costs are explained when you make your booking or take out a quote. We don't charge for extra drivers, mileage is unlimited and all cooking equipment and bedding is included in our campervans. Taking the All-Inclusive cover means there will not be any additional costs if you do happen to have an accident.

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BVRLA Quality Assured

Spaceships UK and Europe are members of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association. Our offices and vehicles are regularly inspected and always pass with flying colours. You can be assured your vehicle will be maintained to the highest standards.


Customer comments

Travellers' comments, advice and experiences. 

"Comfy bed and economical"

"Perfect for getting around town and parking"

"The best way to see Scotland"

"A great way to have the freedom to go anywhere yet know the service is there should you need it"

"Compact, but with all the amenities"

"Perfect for the UK's winding country roads. Glad we didn't hire a big Motorhome!"


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