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If you have been dreaming of an intimate getaway on your terms, then you need to explore this premium campervan. The Delta model is perfect for smaller groups or couples due to its compact size and convenient amenities. See how your dream can become a reality with a virtual tour right now.

Compact for easy navigation

From the exterior, the premium campervan looks like any other car. This smaller size gives no indication of its versatility inside. However, the smaller size is a real asset for navigation. When you are going to remote places, the road can twist and turn. When narrow conditions are hard for larger vehicles to pass, the Delta model traverses them with ease.

A spacious interior

This campervan seats four in comfort. The seats feature contoured padding, which ensures that every rider feels good. Two seats are located in the front for navigation, and the back two riders still have plenty of leg room. Plus, for passengers in the back, there are other perks. There is a table that can be placed in the back portion of the vehicle. This allows passengers to eat, play games and do more during their trip.

Simple nighttime transformation

By day, the interior is a comfortable family car. At night, the interior can be transformed into a camping refuge. The seats easily fold down into the floor, which allows for a double bed to be placed in the back. This means that two people can comfortably sleep in the interior of the Delta campervan. For added flexibility, the back of the campervan can be extended with an awning for a more airy experience.

Ready for meals on the go

If you are going to camp, then you need to be able to prepare your own meals as well. That is why this campervan has a fridge or freezer space with 35 litres. There is cooking gear, cutlery and crockery included. The interior table is even portable, which means it can be set up outside. A side awning can be extended for covered seating. With these features, you will have everything you need for an intimate camping getaway all on your own.

Full of the features you crave

As you browse this premium campervan, consider that it also has world-class fuel economy. The dual battery has an electric hookup. The interior is equipped for USB and Bluetooth connections.