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When you want to experience the freedom of camping while enjoying the comforts of home, you’ll find that this VW camping car is the perfect compromise for your next weekend getaway or summer holiday. The camper looks and drives like a car, but it’s packed with everything that you’ll need to explore your favourite wilderness hiking trail, lakeside retreat, or pristine beach. Here are just some of the camping car’s amenities and features.

Full-sized bed for two

With this camping car, there’s no need to set up a tent and sleep on the cold or damp ground. The car has a flexible layout that converts to comfortable sleeping quarters when you’re ready to turn in for the night. You can dress the car’s large double bed with cool linens for a summer trip, or you can make it cosy with a down comforter for chilly autumn evenings.

Food preparation and dining area

When you rent this camping car, you can store, prepare, and cook meals with the equipment that comes with the camper. The car has a cool box to keep perishable goods fresh and a gas burner for cooking. The camping car’s water tank, cookware, cutlery, and dining table allow you to do food preparation and dining right even while on the go.

Storage for gear and clothes

This Spaceship camper car has ample storage for clothes, cameras, and other gear. You’ll find storage space cleverly tucked under the bed at the back of the car.

Awning for covered outdoor seating

Some campsites are so rough that they don’t have covered seating. With this Spaceship camping car, you bring the covering with you. The car has a tent-like awning that extends from the vehicle to create a covered patio. This space is great for outdoor dining when the sun shines just a little too brightly for comfort.

VW Camping Car smooth road handling and fuel efficiency

When you consider all the amenities of this camper, you’ll expect the vehicle to be a giant-sized fuel hog. What you’ll get is a relatively compact van that drives like a standard car and has excellent fuel economy. The VW Camping Car has a fuel-efficiency rating of 4.7 litres/100 km.