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Take a look inside the ultimate 4-berth campervan

Do your next trip your way with a 4-berth campervan from SpaceShips. This Voyager campervan transforms from a spacious vehicle on the road to a comfortable oasis for camping. Start planning your next trip with a virtual tour right now.

Comfortable seating for five

Long road trips in the Voyager campervan are sure to be comfortable. The interior of the campervan has been smartly designed to seat five. Three seats are positioned in the cab. The driver's seat is separate, but the passenger's side has been infused with versatility due to an extended bench design. Additional seating is available in the back. These seats have a few added perks. Passengers in these seats have access to the fridge and can take advantage of a fold-out table to pass the time. All seats are padded and contoured for your relaxation.

Transform the interior for camping

This campervan is more than a vehicle. It seamlessly transforms into your bedtime refuge. The back seats and other items in the cabin easily fold down, creating a flat surface for sleep. This surface fits two beds. A double bed can be positioned in the passenger area in the middle, and the back fits a luxurious queen mattress. With space like this, up to four people can rest easy during your travels.

Travel with extra storage space

The innovative design of this campervan ensures ample storage space. Items can be stowed in compartments underneath the floor, which gives travellers plenty of versatility to pack what they need. You will also appreciate the food storage. This Voyager campervan has a fridge space in addition to a two-burner cooker. With cold storage, it is easy to have food on hand. The cooker allows you to create warm, filling meals no matter where you may rest your head each night.

More Perks with a 4-berth campervan

There are even more reasons to choose the Voyager 4-berth campervan. The campervan has a large side awning, which can be lifted when you stop to camp each night. With minimal branding on the exterior, it is not an ostentatious choice for your trip. You can save money thanks to the vehicle's class-leading fuel economy. To pass the time while you drive, the campervan has a radio and a CD player with USB and Bluetooth connectivity and four-way speakers. Air conditioning and heating are standard in every vehicle for your personal comfort on the go.