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Create your own road trip

The most flexible road trip ever. Tell us where you want to go and we'll try to make it happen!

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Buy pre-loved motorhomes

See how easy it is to buy a nearly new motorhome and to get 16% off the price.

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Save up to 50%: Fixed Length Sale

Short hires, discounted massively. Save up to 50% on motorhome or campervan hire.

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Campervan relocation deals

Campervan hire from £1 per day. Legendary & limited. Don't miss out!

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Extra discount in Australia

Finished your UK/Europe road trip? Get an extra discount on Spaceships in Australia.

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Extra discount in New Zealand

Finished your UK/Europe trip? Here's a discount on campervan hire in New Zealand for you.

Grab a deal on campervan hire: cheap travel made easy

There's so much to see in the UK and Europe. It’s almost impossible to see it all in one road trip. Fortunately, we have awesome deals throughout the year. Just make sure you don’t miss our on these super low rates on campervan hire. Cheap travel is possible, as long as you lock in these deals as soon as you spot them. They’re for a limited time only.

Make sure you bookmark our deals page or come back often as deals and discounts change from month to month. Whether you’re looking for a relocation deal, a cheap weekend getaway or discounts on campervan hire for your summer holiday, you’ll find the best Spaceships campervan deals here.

Save even more money

We love to make your campervan hire as cheap as possible, but we’ll never discount the quality. Spaceships campervans always drive like a good car and are packed with campervan features. You’ll have a great night’s sleep as the beds have extra leg room for tall people.

Plus, you’ll save more money with us:

  • The bond is only frozen on your credit card, not deducted.
  • All-Inclusive insurance is capped at £500 (£600 for Motorhomes) if you are hiring for more than 27 days.
  • Lower excess than most other rental companies
  • NO bond
  • Cheap ferry fares (smallest car on the ferry).

A Spaceship is a bed, cooker and wheels all in one. And with these deals & discounts, it's super cheap campervan hire; cheap travel to see more of Europe. Go for several road trips a year or make it an extra-long one. A Spaceship is the best way to explore the outer space of the UK & Europe.