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Book early & get a discount on your road trip!

Book now and get a 5% Early Bird discount. Just make sure to:

✓ Book at least 90 days in advance aka 3 months before your intended road trip start date

✓ Select any of our awesome vehicles: all vehicles, all locations (UK & Ireland) are discounted

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✓ Pay only a deposit to lock in this discount deal, pay the rest later

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5% Early Bird is available year-round as long as you book at least 3 months in advance.

“Sometimes the most scenic roads in life are the detours you didn't mean to take.”

- Angela N. Blount

All Spaceships campervans come with ✓ standard insurance with 3rd party cover ✓ 24-hour roadside assistance ✓ all road user charges ✓ unlimited mileage

Select your space craft, future Space Traveller!

Features of the Luxury Motorhome

✓ Seats & sleeps: 4 adults + 1 child
✓ Underfloor heating
✓ Island double bed
✓ Shower room and toilet
✓ Minimum age to hire: 21

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5% Early Bird discount also applies to the luxury motorhome

All specifications of the luxury motorhome


Features of the Delta premium campervan

✓ Seats 4 | Sleeps: 2
✓ World-leading fuel economy
✓ Large double bed
✓ 2 sleeping options: fully inside or extended
✓ Mains power hookup

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5% Early Bird discount also applies to the Delta premium campervan

All specifications of the Delta campervan

Features of the Voyager campervan

✓ Seats: 5 people
✓ Sleeps: 4 people
✓ Beds: 1x queen & 1x double
✓ Extra-large storage areas
✓ Minimal branding
✓ Dual battery with mains hookup

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5% Early Bird discount also applies to the Voyager campervan

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