Campervans for sale: adopt a pre-loved Spaceship campervan (ex-rental)

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Ex-rentals for sale

✓ Mileage around 180-220k

✓ All sold with 2018 MOT & fully serviced

✓ One owner

From: £1,999

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Campervans for sale

This is a unique opportunity for Spaceships' fans. You could be the proud owner of one of our vehicles as we have a campervan for sale. Campervans that have seen heaps of the UK & Europe but that aren't ready yet for retirement. They're ready to explore more. Will you adopt one of these campervans?


Make: Toyota
Model: Estima/Previa/Beta 2
Year: 2001
Vehicle type: MPV / campervan
Engine: 2.4L Petrol
Gear: Automatic 
Mileage: 188,000
SOLD with a 2018 MOT and fully serviced
Colour: White
1 owner
Price: £3,0000

Available NOW