Campervan for sale

Please note, this vehicle has sold but we have other vehicles of the same model available

We have an awesome campervan for sale. It's a real Spaceships campervan, without the branding. Check out the specs & features below.

Specifications & info

  • Campervan for sale: Toyota Estima (ex-rental)

    Campervan for sale: Toyota Estima (ex-rental)

    Year: 1994/1995 (refurbished in 2009)
  • Vehicle type: MPV / campervan
  • Engine: 2.4L Petrol
  • Gear: Automatic 
  • Mileage:  (256,000 and 296,000 at time of print)
  • SOLD with a new MOT and fully serviced
  • 1 owner
  • Colours: blue, Orange and white
  • Price: £2,999 £1,999
  • How to contact us: call +44 208 573 2300 or email us [email protected]

Features of the campervan for sale

  • Fridge
  • Dual battery system
  • DVD player mounting point
  • Full-size double bed with two setup options; either fully inside the vehicle or externally using the customised rear awning.
  • Clever cooker stand which clips on and sits outside the sliding door
  • Lots of storage space
  • Electric sunroof
  • Electric windows
  • Air conditioning
  • CD player
  • Metallic paint
  • Spare wheel (full)
  • Power steering
  • Central locking
  • Driver's airbags

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Campervan for sale: floorplan


Campervan for sale: bed

Full-size double bed

Campervan for sale

Blue campervan for sale

Campervan for sale: easy access with sliding door

Easy access with sliding door

Campervan for sale: fridge & table

Perfect for your camping road trip

Campervan for sale: storage area

Heaps of storage

Campervan for sale: full-size double bed

Comfy, full-size double bed

Campervan for sale: rear awning

Rear awning

Campervan for sale: Toyota Estima

The Toyota Estima is the perfect vehicle for getting from A to B, stopping in between for a good night's sleep and then onward to C, D and the rest of the alphabet. It's reliable, easy to drive and perfect for road trips, day-to-day use or camping holidays.

Therefore, Spaceships always have been using Toyota Estima's as campervans in our fleet. As we like to say: it drives like a car and sleeps like a campervan.

Or as other people online say: "Probably the best ever! Built like a tank. Handles like a dream, mileage that makes OPEC cringe. Probably sets the bar higher than any other van out there…"

For information and questions about DIY maintenance or projects, the Toyota Estima Owners Club Community has heaps of info and Estima fans willing to answer any question.

This is your chance to own a real Spaceships campervan, without the branding of course. We turned this campervan for sale back to its original colour but kept all the awesome features that make it a Swiss Army Knife campervan.