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Last-minute holidays in the UK

See where the road will take you. Now is the perfect time for a spontaneous road trip. Save heaps of money with our deals for last-minute holidays in the UK. It's the perfect time to hit the road and have some fun. Be spontaneous, go for our weekly deal and save on campervan hire.

  • Pickup Edinburgh or after 13th August, 2017
  • Latest drop off Edinburgh20th August, 2017
  • Vehicle type: VW Camper Car
  • Rate: £78.75 £50 per day!
  • Minimum rental: 5 days 
  • Vehicles available: 1
  • How to book: email [email protected] or call 0208 573 2300

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Make sure to check out this page next week. We'll add a new deal each week. But don't wait too long as these weekly deals are gone before you know it. Or have a look at our low rate finder page to see our low rates throughout the year.

Or check out our Fixed Length Sale and save up to 50% on short hires.

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Travel now, save heaps

There’s no better time than the present. That may be a cliché but for our deals on last-minute holidays in the UK that really is true. All our special deals & discounts are for a limited time only. Our discounted rates for last-minute holidays in the UK (our Deals of the Week) are even more special. These discounted rates are the start of a cheap & awesome (long) weekend getaway or a spontaneous road trip. It's completely up to you.

Last minute holidays in UK: enjoy the sunset


Create the perfect last-minute holiday

It’s up to you what to do on your last-minute holiday (UK) trip. See where the road will take you. The UK will never cease to amaze you. And the deals this time of year are awesome.

Simply hire a Spaceships campervan at discounted rates and explore the UK (or Europe). You can create the ideal super cheap last-minute holiday in the UK. Need some tips on where to go? Check out our travel tips.

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