Explore the UK by motorhome and make it a super-comfy road trip

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✓ Shower & toilet

✓ Aircon & heating

✓ Unlimited mileage

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Explore the UK by motorhome this year!

It's the easiest & most fun way to travel with family or friends. Spaceships motorhomes come with kitchen, bathroom, aircon, heating and more. They can seat & sleep up to 7 people.

✓ Luxury Motorhome: seats & sleeps up to 4 people (see specifications)

✓ Family Motorhome: seats & sleeps up to 7 people (see specifications)

✓ Pick up in London, Edinburgh or Dublin

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✓ Only a 20% deposit is needed to book it in! The rest can be paid 7 days before pick-up.

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Our Promises guarantee that you can book with confidence: 

✓ If Covid-19 restrictions mean you can’t travel, re-schedule your booking for any available dates up to the end of 2022 – your deposit moves with your booking ✓ Contactless pick-up/drop-off only with digital handover ✓ You’ll never lose your deposit!

See our COVID-19 Travel Promises for more info about how it is giving you maximum flexibility.

"I have been waiting to leave ever since I figured out that there were roads willing to take me anywhere I wanted to go.”

- Words of wisdom from an unknown traveller

More than motorhome hire

Spaceships Rentals is more than a motorhome rental company. We're in the memory-making business. Whether it be a honeymoon, a long weekend away or a short trip to a festival or sporting event.


Your next unforgettable memory can be in a Spaceship. If you can dream it, we can help make it happen.

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