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Our story: from dreams to reality

If you want something different, if you want the ultimate in flexible holidays, to be able to travel on your terms, go where you want, when you want and travel how you want, then you have come to the right place.

All-inclusive or reality?

Are you looking for an all-inclusive package holiday to Spain where you can sit around, get sunburned and never leave a hotel?

Or would you rather be able to explore the cities, the countryside and the beaches with ease all while getting to sample REAL Spanish food and culture?

Party bus or explore?

Do you want to go on a party bus tour around Europe where after spending one night in Paris you could “tick France off the bucket list”?

Or do you want to explore France and everywhere else at your leisure, meeting new people, trying new things and making sure that when you leave a place, it’s on your terms, with no unfinished business?

Same route or roads less travelled?

Does travel in a cramped bus for weeks on end, sleeping 2 people to a tent while you follow the same route around the UK and Europe and take the same Instagram photos as the people in the buses in front of you have taken and that and all the buses behind you will take sound like you?

Or do you want to get off the beaten track and make your holiday unique? Visit places pointed out by locals, take the roads less travelled and get away from the tourist trap, making your next holiday and Instagram moment your own?

Fixed schedule or go whenever you want?

Are you sick of waiting at airports delayed by drones or standing on foreign train platforms fretting and sweating, trying to make sure you get on the right train to end up in the right country let alone the right city?

Or you can choose to travel whenever you want and dodge airport security, drones and better yet, be in control of your own destiny!

Dream big

Dreams are big, but this is one dream we never want to wake up from. From the ashes of the “old school” travel industry came a fresh outlook and attitude. Spaceships don’t tell you how to travel, they support you in whatever holiday YOU want to have. From culture vultures to thrill seekers to people wanting to walk in the footsteps of Harry Potter to Hobbits, Spaceships has been helping people holiday their way all over the world for years.

Spaceships was first brought to the world from the global home of adventure and the “freedom capital of the world”, New Zealand. They made their name as being the “Swiss Army Knife” of campers, a reputation and success that was then taken across the Tasman to Australia. The next leg on the Spaceships journey was to cross the Atlantic in the suitcase of an everyday holidaymaker looking to be different.

From Hobby to Profession

All dreams start somewhere, and for us they all started with a British holidaymaker in New Zealand who was travelling in a Spaceship. He wondered to himself why such an amazing way to travel wasn’t offered in the UK and Europe.
He turned a dream into a reality. Spaceships UK and Europe Founder John Morely asked himself a simple question; ‘what would I want?’ and he and his team have been providing unforgettable and unique holidays ever since.

From Profession to Passion

How did John know way back in 2009 that campervan and motorhome holidays in the UK and Europe would be so popular?

The National Caravan Council (NCC) Chairman John Lally summarised it well nearly 10 years later in 2017 “Motorhomes are ideal…they give consumers the freedom to decide where and when they want to travel”.

The memory-making business

Spaceships is in the memories making business. Whether it be a honeymoon or an OE, a long weekend away or even a short trip to a festival. Your next unforgettable memory can be in a Spaceship.
If you can dream it, we can help make it happen.

Imagine not being tied to bus schedules or trains, where friendly locals can share their “off the beaten track” spots that you can then drive to easily, hassle-free. What about pulling off to the side of a country road in Tuscany to buy fresh produce and a local bottle of wine, ready for your evening meal?
Picture the view from the top of the Schynige Platte after a hike in the Swiss Alps, the sweat still running down your face and stinging your eyes and that feeling of total satisfaction.

These are just some of our customers' memories. What will yours be?

Dreams start here

Thousands of people a year holiday through the 38 UK and European countries you can explore in a Spaceship. The passionate and experienced Spaceships team has the absolute pleasure of helping you on your next unforgettable holiday every step of the way.
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John and his team

John recognised early on that it’s not just about the bells and whistles on the vehicles it’s about the service. For that reason, Spaceships has always prided itself on its staff along with its award-winning vehicle design.
Being the ONLY campervan, motorhome and car hire company in the UK offering 24 hours a day, 365 days a week pick ups and drop offs was just the first step.


Having the right people able to help customers select the best vehicle for them, the best places to visit and ensuring their time on the road and booking process was easy as possible was just as important.

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