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Looking for a campervan or motorhome for a road trip in the UK or Europe? You've probably seen our vehicle range already and are now looking for reviews about Spaceships. No worries. You'll find them here.

Spaceships UK & Europe reviews

So many people have travelled in a Spaceships campervan, car or motorhome. As we love to hear feedback we always ask customers to write a review when they return the vehicle. All these reviews can be found below. See for yourself what others have to say about Spaceships.

never had a problem
Nov 18 2016
5 stars - "my 5th time"
Spaceships what can I say, it's my 5th time I've hired one and I've never had a problem!
Han Solo was our ride, a near new Volkswagen Caddy, that took us far far away into Europe. 2000 miles exactly zooming down the autobahn at light speed...
6 country in 15days Han Solo knew the way, we fought back many beers at Oktoberfest, enjoyed the view's of the Swiss alps and destroyed as much pizza as possible in italy!
If you have a problem just ask the spaceship crew they are there to help.
We collected Han Solo in Rome, not a problem, once adapted to the wrong side of the road in a right hand drive vehicle we were away flying !
185L of diesel to 3200km now that value for money
Cheers team
Steering wheel on the right !
Nov 18 2016
4 stars - "Van was great"
Hey! Van was great despite the fact we have not foreseen the steering wheel will be en the right !
But the pick up adress in Rome is really bad and not Easy to reach specially on sunday when you have no bus from suburd train station and the camping.
traveled over three weeks with the Space Ship
Nov 18 2016
4 stars - "friendely staff at Edinburgh"
We traveled over three weeks with the Space Ship Van Planet Cruiser. We checked in at the Edinburgh depot and were very friendly welcomed. The van took us to the Highlands, to Pertshire and finally to The Scottish Borders. A, for us, unknown region. We would really recommended you to go there, specially around Kirk Yetholm and Town Kirk Yetholm, tiny hamlets with a pub with good food, little village shop and amazing walks in the region. Every night our Planet Cruiser was transformed into a cinema as we were watching good series om our laptop. Its a great van, just do it. Special thanks to friendely staff at Edinburgh . Frank and Johan
100% would recommend these guys
Nov 18 2016
5 stars - " amazing month"
Had the most amazing month driving our van called Dalek. The guys were awesome and even upgraded us for free and without even asking. Had absolutely no problems with the car at all and was so easy to drive. It also had everything we needed and was gloriously comfortable!
Definitely would never go back to using public transport doing trips like this! We were able to go to places that would have been super hard to get to as well as really expensive. Travelled all over england, wales, scotland and ireland and had no issues. 100% would recommend these guys and will definitely use them again.
small enough to fit the UK's narrow roads
Nov 18 2016
5 stars - "Great service."
We loved our VW camper "Jango"! It was large enough to be comfortable and small enough to fit the UK's narrow roads and car parks. The fuel economy was also great. We were so impressed, we have chosen Spaceships again for another leg of our trip. Great service.
minor issues with the car
Nov 18 2016
3 stars - "would still recommend"
We hired the VW Caddy 'Bantha' from Spaceships London this last weekend. There where some minor issues with the car, but I don't think that these could be specifically blamed on the Spaceships team. What I would like to offer is some suggestions on how similar issues could be identified before the hire in the future.

The awning was damaged by a previous hirer. Putting this type of awning up is really simple if you have done it before, or at least seen the awning assembled. I would suggest that a laminated set of photos of the assembled awning be included in the bag with the awning. Hopeless campers would at least know what they're aiming for.

Secondly the 12v socket stopped working on our trip. Quite inconvenient when you need a working phone to navigate. Anyway, when the car is handed over, maybe the spaceships staffer should start by plugging the cooler in. Then as a last thing put a bottle of chilled 'complimentary' water into the cooler. This way the cooler has time to get going while the staffer is showing the client the rest of the car, and can't forget to check it at the end because of the bottle of water. If the cooler is not running a problem with the socket or the cooler would be apparent.

We really enjoyed our trip, and would still recommend spaceships especially the fantastic little VWs.
great time with the dream sleeper
Feb 08 2017
5 stars - " perfect car"
We had a great time with the dream sleeper! It's the perfect car to travel around New Zealand. It's compact and you get all you need.
good time travelling over both islands
Feb 08 2017
4 stars - "extra storage and space"
We had our spaceship for 2 weeks and had a good time travelling over both islands and seeing the most amazing sights! We had the Beta 2S which by looking at other reviews is definelty worth the bit of extra storage and space! Very easy to drive even for those not used to driving an automatic! Also wasn't bad in fuel at all! We were getting over 600km to a tank. The only problem we had was condensation in the van over night but sleeping with the windows down slightly helped with that! Would definitely recommend them!
Feb 08 2017
5 stars - "Perfect"
Perfect van for a perfect trip