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rsz picture 20Mulder. Our life, our travel companion.

"Our first night together was tough. Armed with advice that it was going to be extremely difficult to reach a business agreement on a campsite with an Irish woman/man splashed with St Patrick’s Day pride we decided to ‘rough it’. By ‘rough it’ we mean parked up together on the side of a road with no showers (or wifi)...." Read more about Ben's great experience here





the worlds most boring road trip mediumThe UKs most boring roadtrip? 

"Cue soundtrack to The Fast and the Furious, a fresh copy of the new Cool camping Britain book and a hamper full of cereal as I stroll into the reception room of Spaceships Campervans. If I’m taking on the world’s most boring road trip I should at least have an interesting vehicle and anything that calls itself a ‘spaceship’ has already got my vote..." Read more about James trip here





Campervan rental ScotlandSpaceships Campers - Out of this world! 

"The wide open road has always appealed to my adventurous nature and what cooler mode of transport than a campervan? I’d had my beady eye on Spaceships‘ brand new VW Caddy ever since it launched as one of their camper rentals, at the beginning of 2014. Cool, cosy and compact, housing a decent sized double bed as well as many handy facilities, and sneaky storage spaces...." Read more about Beckys weekend adventure here



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