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Travel Information for UK and Europe

Hiring a campervan offers the freedom to travel where you choose and set your own itinerary. Spaceships have put together some useful travel information to help you plan your adventure. Choose from any of our five European locations to start your adventure. 

Check out the menu on the left or scroll down to explore this section detailing rental info for campervan hire in the UK, Ireland and Europe with Spaceships.

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United Kingdom & Ireland

As the starting point for your Spaceship adventures, the United Kingdom offers some amazing sights. Travelling to the UK means stately homes with beautiful gardens, ancient castles, green rolling countryside, windswept peaks and dales, historic buildings in London and lots of warm, welcoming pubs. The perfect way to visit all of these attractions at your own pace and with the all the freedom in the world is in your very own Spaceships Campervan!


There are far too many campsites throughout the whole of the United Kingdom that really do offer such a range of range of facilities and activities that the best place to check them out are at, or

Scotland: This land of the brave, or should we say Braveheart, is divided into 2 parts with the division running roughly across Loch Lomond just north of Glasgow. The Northern part is usually referred to as the Highlands and the lowlands are commonly referred to as the border regions.

The majority of people tend to start their campervan trip in the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh, however it is just as easy to start a trip on the west side and finish on the east side and not miss anything out in this spectacular country. Head to our Scotland travel info page for everything you need to know for your trip! Just don’t forget to pack your kilt! Read More.

Wales: This little part tacked onto the left of England is the land of the leek, sheep, daffodil. rugby, song and mine. Exploring Wales is a little like travelling in New Zealand, fantastic beaches, friendly locals, lush rolling pastures, rocky alpine areas and a haven for adrenalin junkies. There are two main differences, unlike New Zealand it rains the majority of the time and the sheep still have tails - how weird!

Wales is made for travelling around in a Spaceship with all the single lane roads, lots of interesting villages, and plenty of pubs to stop off in and meet the locals. For all your information take a look at the Wales travel info page! Read More.

Northern Ireland: This Country's beauty is intertwined with tragic history, rich culture and the renowned friendliness of its people. The wild craggy mountains, stunning lakes and sweeping coastline make it the absolute perfect playground for water sports enthusiasts, cyclists, hikers, rock climbers and sailors.

But do not worry there are plenty of things to keep those of you after a dose of culture enthralled, too. From oyster festivals to horse fairs, and from ancient castles to beautiful country houses, this spectacular part of Ireland is packed with things to do. Head to for all your Irish information!


Republic of Ireland: World renowned for Guinness and leprechauns, Ireland is a land with so much more to offer. The West Coast has some stunning drives and you'll be sure of a friendly face in every town. We have a whole host of useful information available on our Ireland Travel Advice page.


Continental Europe

Europe truly offers some of the most beautiful natural sights with a variety of landscapes from rolling hills, stunning Alps to flat plains throughout the continent, this coupled with amazing history and culture that changes from country to country you can see why Europe continues to attract millions of visitors every year. So why not take your Spaceships campervan from London to the very heart of it all with the complete freedom of planning your own adventure. Alternatively start your trip in one of our European locations.

With so many countries to visit, you could literally spend months travelling in your Spaceship and still see new sights, activities, and cultures every day!