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Cheap festival travel

✓ Seats up to 9 music fans

✓ Camper, car, motorhome

✓ Share costs of travel

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Campervan, car or motorhome hire for festival road trip

✓ Travel comfortably: our vehicles can seat up to 9 people

✓ You'll have a good night's sleep in our campervans & motorhomes

✓ Heaps included & the price you see is the price you'll pay (no hidden costs!)

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We offer discounts for 3 or more vehicles. Drop us a line or call us on (+44) 0208 573 2300 if you and your friends are looking to book your cars or campervans together as a group.

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Spaceships campervans, motorhomes and MPVs are perfect for festivals in UK & Europe.

Why limit yourself to just one festival or event?

Go for a Stoke Travel Passport (use promo code spaceship to get an extra 10% off) and choose from 20+ festivals, events and trips. You'll have 2 years to use this prepaid event ticket.

Delta premium campervan

✓ Seats 4 | Sleeps 2
✓ Large double bed
✓ 35-litre fridge freezer
✓ World leading fuel economy
✓ Bedding & linen + cooking gear

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All specifications of the Delta campervan

Voyager 4-berth campervan: perfect for festivals

✓ Seats: 5 | Sleeps: 4

✓ 42-litre fridge freezer

✓ Class-leading fuel efficiency

✓ 1x queen size bed & 1x double bed

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All specifications of the Voyager campervan

Travel with up to 9 people

✓ Caddy Maxi (seats 7) or Ford Mini Bus (seats 9)
✓ Fuel-efficient
✓ Air-conditioning

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