Free Camping Europe

Free Camping (commonly known as wild camping) is a wonderful way to see Europe, offering easy to find locations as beautiful as they are plentiful.

So what is Free camping? It doesn't matter how you describe it, because no matter where you're from, it all means the same. It's a place you can park your campervan for free, often in an epic place and avoid paying any campsite fees!

Here at Spaceships Campervans UK and Europe, we are always happy to show our travellers the way to some of the best free camping spots in the world. This can both save you money in having mobile accommodation to park up at free locations, but also give you some amazing destinations off the beaten track to visit and stay at.

The beauty of hiring a Spaceship campervan is that with the dual battery system, cooker and water pump you don’t really need a campsite at all, as all the facilities that you would normally find in a campsite are with you. Check out our campers features if you haven't already. In Europe there are even some organised free camping sites which have toilet and shower facilities at a small cost so don’t worry about thinking you need to ‘rough it’ too much.

In Europe, free camping places are located in a wide variety of places.  From towns, beaches, lay byes (truck stops), parks, you can find them everywhere. We always recommend that if you decide to park in these places you do so with respect and with some common sense of your surroundings. Sometimes its as easy as speaking with locals to make sure it is OK and that you have permission. It's the little things that you can do that go along way to leave the spot available for people to enjoy after you. Take your rubbish with you, be quiet and peaceful, be careful of the environment and only use designated toilet facilities. All of this will help keep the place free for other campers like you and encourage the site to be kept that way we all love...FREE!


Want to locate some random Free Camping Europe or Freedom Camping Europe spots, then the first port of call is the tourist office in town or chat to the locals for ideas, permission and advice.

Supermarkets or Truck Stops are good places to park up, and while most are free some will charge you a very small fee to stay. Truck stops in particular may have shower facilities and will have toilets, and make a handy place to stop, either for a break or the night.

If you're on the road and end up in need of a quick free camping spot, a quick google search will often bring you in touch with other travelers with advice on where to go and ideas of good places to stay. Our friends at Rough Guides have put this fantastic free camping itinerary together for some parts of Spain

Please keep in mind that free camping spots pop up and just as easily as they can vanish. Where it was once OK, it may not be now or where once it was free now they charge. It is always best to do some prior research, speak with people in the area for permission and above all else please respect the Environment.

Check out our Free Camping UK page if you are also planning to travel the UK.