Ireland Travel Advice

Cead Mile Failte - "100,000 welcomes" in Gaelic - is a common greeting in Ireland and typifies the friendliness of the Irish people.

Dublin is the start point for most visitors and for many it's the only part of Ireland they see. A customer once said to us "Going to Dublin and saying you've seen Ireland is like going to Canberra and saying you've seen Australia". He's right.

Ireland has some spectacular scenery, especially along the western coast. As you move west the pace of life slows and you can really relax. Outside of Dublin and Belfast the public transport is sketchy at best. On the west coast you'll be pleased you have your Spaceships Campervan!

We thought you might have a few questions, so we put some useful information together on the regions and camping around Ireland


Camping throughout Ireland

There are so many campsites throughout Irelandthat offer a range of facilities. The best websites for further info are , and