An adrenaline Junkies guide to Europe

Posted on 19/07/2015 by Eleanor Morley

If you’re anything like me, after so many museums and walking tours, you need something with abit more energy too it! Well, I’ve got just the remedy. Infact, here are 13 remedies to get your heart going. After all, where’s the fun in a holiday if you don’t fear for your life at some point, or at least question the training of the spotty teenage staff who are miserably strapping you to wires before you plunge to your potential death. So let’s shake up your road trip with some nerve wrecking activities!


100mph zip line, Snowdonia (Wales)

Zip World in Snowdonia is only a few years old, and it is the home of Europe’s longest zip line, which is also the world’s fastest zip line, reaching speeds of up to 100mph whilst suspended 152m above a quarry.


Base Jumping, Kjerag Mountain (Norway)

This is definitely one for the crazier adrenaline junkies. You start 3500 feet about the fjord, and soar your way through the peaks back towards safety.


Ring Taxi Rides, Nürburg (Germany)

For the petrol heads out there, why not see how it’s done, and jump in a car with a professional?! Be a passenger in a range of cars, although unfortunately Spaceships are not allowed (I think Nürburg were intimidated by our superior vehicles!).


Horse boarding, Various Locations (UK)

This new sport was invented by some creative (or very bored) horse trainers. It’s similar to water skiing, except you’re on a board, on land, and being pulled around by a horse.


Toboggan run, Kent (England)

At Chatham Ski Slope near London you can find the longest cresta run in the UK. Luckily, no snow is needed, so all year round you can try this 700m course through the trees.


Running with the Bulls, Pamplona (Spain)

For the brave of you out there, you can join this annual run, with a bit of a twist. This particular run you share with some terrifying bulls. Run show the streets as thousands watch you attempt to dodge these not-so-tame bulls. Injuries common!!!


El Caminto Del Rey walkway, Malaga (Spain)

This walkway goes across the steep walls of a small gorge in El Chorro. It was originally made as a way of transporting workers between Chorro Falls and Gaitanejo Falls, but now is a heart-stopping tourist attraction. The walkway is just 1m in width, and beneath you is a 100m sheer drop to the river.


Zapcat powerboating, Sussex (England)

Powerboating is not the best know extreme sport in Europe, but its popularity it growing day by day. What could be more fun than fighting with gravity with huge wave jumps and high speed chases, whilst in an inflatable catamaran?! You’ll feel like James Bond.


Rally driving, Knockhill (Scotland)

Another one for the petrol heads. In the 2.5 hour session, you will learn how to drive, and then be given the chance to try out the circuits for yourself, with your instructor as your co-pilot.


Bungee Jump, Verzasca Dam (Switzerland)

This is one for the real thrill-seekers out there, where you really can feel like James bond, as this is the filming location for Goldeneye. Now tourists can join special trekking routes. Other bungee options are available close by, all with amazing views!


Hand Gliding, Sierra Nevada National Park (Spain)

If you want some show stopping scenery to go with your adrenaline fix, then this one is for you. Choose from different locations, so you can see snowy mountains, or the beautiful oceans. And choose to do it in tandem, or go solo!!


Hydro-speeding, Chamonix (France)

Body board you way down the river with your instructor, and battle against the speedy currents and uneven waters. For anyone already well qualified at hydro-speeding, get to Aletsch Glacier in Switzerland, one of the most dangerous places to go hydro-speeding!


A range of thrill-seekers activities, Interlaken (Switzerland)

In this magnificent location in the alps you can try bungee jumping, canyon jumping, river rafting, sky diving, night sledding, snowboarding, and hang gliding, and many many more.


So there you have it. Mix up the driving and the walking tours with something a little different, and we’ll see you on the other side!!! Just don’t forget to get some VERY comprehensive travel insurance!!