Euro 2016 Itinerary Ideas

by John Morley

So, you’ve booked the time off of work, sorted out your transport (hopefully a campervan from us!) and you’ve managed to get hold of tickets for your nation’s group stage matches. Let the football commence!

Just one question remains – what to do in between each match.  With so much to do and see in France, it’s hard to know where to begin. With a little help from some of our customers we’ve put together a few different itineraries. There is one each for England, Wales, Rep. Ireland and N. Ireland. Each itinerary matches up with the group stage games for that country. So you can cheer on your team and squeeze in a bit of scenery and culture in between.

Select from our four itineraries below:



England Euro 2016 Itinerary

Marseille - Cassis - Epernay- Lens - Paris - Bourges - St. Etienne



11th June: Get yourself straight down to Marseille for the match against Russia.

12th/13th June:  Short drive to Cassis for stunning costal walks. Spend the next day relaxing in Cassis or on one of the many beaches close by.

Camping in Marseille

14th June:  Drive day today up to Epernay in the Champagne region. Make sure you take a look at Avignon and Dijon along the way.

15th June:  Enjoy a tour of the vineyards in and around Epernay. There are plenty of tours available so you can sample the local produce.

 Explore France in a Camper

16th June:  Short drive to Lens. Spend the morning in the town before the game against Wales

17th June:  Short drive to Paris today. Stay near the palace of Versailles and spend the afternoon wandering the grounds.

Euro Road Trip France

18th June:  Packed day in Paris today. Take the train in from Versailles (20 minutes) and see the sights.

19th June:  Drive south to Bourges and relax in the old town with its spectacular cathedral.


20th June:  Head to St Etienne for the final group stage match against Slovakia



N. Ireland Itinerary

Nice - Monaco - Avignon - Provence - Lyon - Bourges - Tours - Paris 



12th June:  Straight to Nice for the match against Poland

13th June: 30 minute drive for a day trip to Monaco to see how the other half live. Have a game of who can spot the biggest yacht!

Monaco Harbour

14th June: Over to Avignon for a bit of history or alternatively relax on one of the beaches near Marseille.

15th June: Wind you way through the Provence region, stopping off at the numerous beautiful villages along the way. Pick your favourite and stay overnight.

Village in France

16th June: North to Lyon today for the second match against Ukraine

17th June: Drive to Bourges today and relax in the shadow of its magnificent cathedral.

18th/19th June: Head into the Loire Valley and explore the towns of Tours and Blois. There are lots of impressive Chateaux in the region and many are open to the public. Possibly the most famous is Chateau Chambord. Drive on to Paris late on the 19th after spending a second day in the Loire.

Chateau in Loire

20th June: Up early to make the most of the day enjoying the sights of Paris such as the Louvre, Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral. Take a boat trip in the River Seine.

21st June: Matchday today. Enjoy the atmosphere in the city centre before heading to the final match against Germany.


Rep. Ireland Euro 2016 Itinerary

Paris - Tours - Bordeaux - Dordogne - Bourges - Epernay - Lille 



13th June: Paris today for the first game against Sweden.

14th June: Whistle stop tour through Paris taking in all the major sites.

15th/16th June:  Head down through the Loire Valley, enjoying the numerous Chateaux and old medieval towns. There are plenty of places hiring kayaks if you fancy getting out on the water.

Kayaking Loire

17th June: Drive to Bordeaux today. If you’re making good time head through Bordeaux and out to the Atlantic coast. The beaches here are huge so there’s plenty of room for everyone.

Beach near Bordeaux

18th June: Going to need to cheer the team on today with a tough game against the Belgians. Sample the local food in the city centre before heading over to the match.

19th June: Into the Dordogne region today. This area is full of ancient villages and towns. Sarlat is the pick of the bunch, but also worth exploring La Roque Gageac and Domme.

Dordogne River

20th June: Big drive day today from Sarlat to Troyes. Stop by Bourges on your way through.

21st June: Explore the Champagne region, staying in Epernay overnight. This is where the champagne houses are located and many are open to the public.

Vineyard in Champagne Region

22nd June: Lille today for the final group game against Italy.



Wales Euro 2016 Itinerary

Bordeaux - Tours - Paris - Lens - Epernay - Troyes - Bourges - Dordogne - Toulouse



11th June: First match in Bordeaux today

12th/13thJune: Drive north to the Loire valley and check out Blois and Tours. Possible Europe’s best zoo is located here (called Beauval) if you fancy something different.

Tours France

14th/15th June: Use Versailles as your base whilst exploring Paris for the next two days. If you really can’t get enough football then you y be able to get some last minute tickets for Romania vs Switzerland in Paris on 15th June.

16th June: Drive to Lens today for the big match against England.

17th to 19th June: Follow part of the route on the Rep. Ireland itinerary from Sarlat to Lille, but in reverse. Lille and Lens are very close to each other.

Camping in The Dordogne

20th June: Final group game in Toulouse against Russia.  Toulouse is a big rugby city, but they’ll put on a good show.