Is a Spaceship similar to a VW camper or VW Kombi?

Posted on 15/08/2012 by John Morley

If you have never seen a Spaceship campervan before you may think we are similar to a VW camper or VW Kombi van. You would be right if you are talking about a compact sized camper but in reality we offer so much more in our modern day version of the kombi!

For many, hiring a VW Camper or VW Kombi van was traditionally the best mode of transport for someone who wanted a budget camper, compact but a bigger vehicle than a car for their camping travel in the UK or Europe. You may have known someone or noticed how people converted these campers to suit their camping travel needs.

VW Campers or VW Kombi vans were traditionally old model camper vans similar to the Ford Transit or the Renault Estafette. They were nicknamed all sorts of names, from ‘hippyvan’, ‘vdub’, ‘shaggin waggin’. The VW campers or VW Kombi have had all sorts of variations in vehicle names from the UK, Europe, USA or Australia after these Volkswagen vans originated in Germany.

Travellers over the years either threw a mattress into the back of these Volkswagen campervans or went about modifying it themselves, with all sorts of gadgets, electronics, cookers, fridges and specialised them to suit their travel needs! It was a great way to travel and gave you freedom to visit places you may normally not have access to.

A Spaceship is the modern day version of these VW campers or Kombi’s while similar to the compact nature of the VW campers or VW Kombi van and while offering the same freedom as the VW campers BUT with our own unique design. This design was founded in NZ and includes a double bed unit suitable to sleep two but with a fridge and storage space enclosed underneath for easy access. We didn’t stop there as we included a DVD player and water pump with these features to rival any normal Motorhome or campervan.  Our other features include automatic driving, power steering, IPOD/CD/Radio connections, seating for 4 and comfort when driving – a huge bonus when you are racking up those long miles on the road.

Our unique design has also won an award for innovation and design in New Zealand and if you have ever met or spoken to someone who has traveled in a Spaceship they are sure to tell you what a brilliant idea a Spaceship campervan and great cost for hire in UK and Europe.

At Spaceships Campervan Hire UK and Europe our ingenuity of design in our campervans means you will have all the facilities of a normal Motorhome or campervan but all in a compact space. Our Spaceships also operate the same as a car which means it is easier to drive and control whilst making it cheaper on fuel, toll roads and ferry crossings.


A VW camper or VW Kombi size was the key to travel around the UK and Europe as it could reach all those little villages, laneways, park in secluded beaches and able you to pop down the local shops with ease. Our Spaceships are exactly the same and give you freedom to do just this as well but with more reliability and comfort all at a great campervan hire cost.

Our Spaceships vehicles are Toyota Estimas which is similar to a Tarago (Australia) or Previa (UK) but more reliable that a old Volkswagon could be. Our newer models are dated post 2001 and while we are similar in size as the Volkswagen camper the Toyota vehicle give us a great reliability while on the road! Our service will also provide you with 24 hour emergency call direct to our qualified and experienced mechanic who can speak 5 languages as well as RAC cover.

Volkswagen van is a thing of the past – travel into the future with Spaceships campervan hire UK Europe! Check out our Spaceships vehicles for yourself...