Lucy, Chris & Rocket - UK Summer adventure (2)

Posted on 08/08/2014 by Lucy Fairweather

 Off to the Lake District!  We drove in around 7pm in the midst of a heavy fog and intermittent rain, which felt very medieval. Having accidentally Google-mapped ourselves into the middle of a lake (we did, in fact, stop before actually entering the lake), we turned back and found refuge in a lovely campground in Brotherswater.  


We had planned on having our first camper meal of pasta cooked out of the van that evening, but due to the fog and rain we decided to opt for a pub dinner and a cold ale and attempt some cooking the next day.  Chris scored another local brew, keeping up with his local-ale-drinking challenge.



unnamed 2


It was an extremely rainy and windy night—we felt sorry for the people in little tents, while we were all warm and snuggly inside our Spaceship (named Rocket!).  The next morning was lovely and clear, so we set up our little gas cooker and made some coffee, eggs, beans and toast—a breakfast of champions!


After breakfast we found it was the perfect weather for a hike (1500 feet!) up a shepherd’s trail, which gave absolutely beautiful views but ended up in some soggy socks for those who were unprepared (ahem—Chris)!


unnamed 4




For lunch after the big hike we happened upon the Daleman Estate, where we had a wonderful estate and garden tour, followed by a delicious Ploughman’s lunch in their tea room!


On to the next adventure: Scotland!
~Lucy & Chris (first time Spaceshippers from the US, ages 28 and 30)