Lucy, Chris & Rocket - UK Summer adventure (3)

Posted on 04/08/2014 by Lucy Fairweather

The Highlands. After an enjoyable jaunt around Glasgow, we headed up into the highlands and it was absolutely beautiful!  The campsites were bountiful and in gorgeous locations (can it get better than a campsite with a view of a castle?), and we even enjoyed some unusual campsite fare in the form of kangaroo sausages.  



unnamed 6



ENTRY 4: Isle of Skye
The next journey was to the Isle of Skye, and we decided to get a small ferry there from Glenelg rather than take the Skye Bridge.  It was a great decision—the ferry only took 4 cars each journey, and it even came with its very own ferry dog!

Isle Skye Scotland


Skye itself was absolutely beautiful, especially the Fairy Pools.  We did, however, have a bit of trouble with finding a good campsite that evening (they were so full!), so we ended up traveling back out of Skye and settled in a nice cozy campsite on the other side.  Had a local pint and a wander around a local castle, and we were happy as clams!



unnamed 7



~Lucy & Chris (first time Spaceshippers from the US, ages 28 and 30)