Lucy, Chris & Rocket - UK Summer adventure (1)

Posted on 13/08/2014 by Lucy Fairweather

Started out our journey where you might expect—at the gas station.  Luckily we didn’t experience any driving-on-the-wrong-side nightmares and pulled up in one piece.  We did have a bit of a funny conversation with the station attendant that really made us feel quite silly (mini culture shock haha):

Chris: Hello there.  Can I pay?
Attendant: For what? 
Chris: For the fuel.
Attendant: You haven’t put anything in yet.  You pay after you put in the fuel.  This is England, we trust you here.

photo 5



Our first (actual) stop was to Chris’ old boarding school town of Rowland’s Castle.  We even ate lunch in the same pub where he used to eat with his family as a child (age 8-12).  It was at this lunch that Chris decided he’d begin his self-created challenge of “a new local ale every day of the trip”—a total of 21 days and 21 ales!


We are looking forward to some more pub dinner and lunches coming up during our 3 week journey!
~Lucy & Chris (first time Spaceshippers from the US, ages 28 and 30)