Penny pinching guide to road tripping!

Posted on 23/07/2015 by Eleanor Morley

If you’ve already booked a campervan for you holiday, then congratulations, because you probably already saved yourself some money! As most people are aware, Europe is not the cheapest place for accommodation and public transport, so by embarking on a camping roadtrip, you save yourself those hefty prices. But not only that, there’s even more ways in which you can keep hold of your hard earned pennies so instead you can spend them on more exciting things, like tacky souvenirs and being ripped off by street vendors! So here’s a few of Spaceships top tips!!!

  • The thing most expensive part of a camping trip is usually accommodation. You can avoid these costs simply by trying your hand at a bit of wild camping, although always check local laws before you do this! You can stay in some incredible locations, and not spend a thing! You may however have to be a bit creative when it comes to needing the bathroom.  If wild camping isn’t for you, then make sure you shop around when trying to find a campsite! You may find a great campsite on the beach for 40 euros, but next door you might be able to pay 20 euros and have to spend a whole 5 minutes walking to the beach. So be sure to look around, and not jump at the first good option.
  • Rather than eating out, make your trip a chance to challenge your culinary skills! Before you begin your epic journey, look up some simple recipes, so when you go to the supermarket, you won’t stock up on pointless items that you will later realise have no place in your camping diet. By the end of your journey, you’ll be a camping culinary genius!
  • Get as many friends on board (literally) as you can. Sharing the cost of a camper and campsites between 5 people instead of 2 will drastically help to save you money!
  • Check out monthly or annual passes for a various activities you’ll be taking part in. For example, you may find it cheaper to get a subscription to the National Trust if you plan to visit lots of their sites, or perhaps join a camping club that will give you discounts on campsites throughout Europe.
  • Plan your trip to avoid peak times, or certain holidays. You will either find things more expensive (not to mention horrendously busy), or things will be closed (although in a way, that will save you money by not giving you the opportunity to spend!)
  • This is a bit obvious, but will help if you’ll be doing a lot of driving- search around for cheaper petrol stations, and always try to avoid ones on main roads. Some stations off reward cards, so that’s always worth checking out if you’re planning on covering a lot of miles.
  • Try to avoid buying bottled water (unless you’re in a country where this is necessary). Use your water bottle in your camper to store drinking water, and top up at service stations or campsites for free!
  • Make sure you have good insurance. The last thing you want is for an accident, which ends up costing you so much you probably could have just spent the money of 5* hotels.

These are just a few simple ways to keep an eye on your purse, and I’m sure you’ll discover even more along the road, pun intended! So now the only thing you need to be concerned about is how you will spend all the money you have left over at the end of your trip!!!