The differences between Motorhome Hire and Spaceship Campervans

Posted on 19/08/2012 by John Morley

What is the difference between hiring a Motorhome  in UK and Europe and a Spaceships campevan you say? read below to find out why you should be hiring a Spaceship campevan for travel into the Europe and the UK.

 Motorhome hire in the UK and Europe is a very popular way to explore the UK and Europe and experience places you may miss out on public transport. It certainly is the best way to see Europe and the UK. The freedom to travel in a Spaceships campervan wherever you like and at your own pace, makes for a very special driving holiday or road trip even better.

At Spaceships we believe that a campervan hire will give you many of the benefits over a regular Motorhome hire in the UK with the added advantage of being able to travel further off the beaten track.


Why choose a Spaceship campervan? 


It’s Cheaper

The cost of Motorhome hire in UK and Europe can be very high. This is because motorhomes are expensive to build and expensive to maintain. The unique design of a Spaceship campervan means they can be built at a lower cost and this is passed on to you, the customer, in the campervan hire price.

It’s Easier to Drive

If you choose to hire a Motorhome in the UK or Europe then you are taking on a large vehicle with all the drawbacks that this entails. Parking in towns and cities can be very difficult in motorhomes. There is also a higher chance of damage to the Motorhome if the driver is not used to such a large vehicle.

In a Spaceship Camper van parking is easy as it’s just like driving a large car. This also means a lower insurance excesses that can be offered to the customer.

Fuel Costs are Less

If you plan on travelling a long distance then a Motorhome can take up a large part of your holiday budget in fuel costs. A modern Spaceship campervan will be much more fuel efficient than a motorhome and will be able to cruise comfortably on the motorway. Savings are also to be made at toll roads and European ferry crossings where a Spaceship campervan qualifies as a car not a normal motorhome.

Added Flexibility

A smaller, compact and efficient campervan lets you explore the narrow country lanes of the UK and Europe. This is much more difficult (and stressful!) with a Motorhome unless you are used to driving a vehicle of that size. Some roads in the UK are impossible to pass in a Motorhome so, whether you want to pop to the shops in town or you want to find that secluded beach at the end of that long country lane you’ll have no problem in a Spaceship campervan.


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