Top film fesitvals of Europe

Posted on 30/08/2015 by Eleanor Morley

Europe is lucky enough to be blessed with an abundance of talented writers, directors and actors, and with this comes some truly amazing film festivals showcasing sensational independent movies, and filmathons! With a diverse selection of genres and filmmaking styles, there’s bound to be something suited to your tastes, whether you like something deep and thought-provoking, or light-hearted and fun. And everybody loves a good movie, right? So why not pick up your camper and head to one of these outstanding locations for some epic plot twists and thrilling grand finales!


Venice Film Festival (Italy)

This is the longest running film festival in the world, and is one of the “big 3” (Venice, Cannes and Berlin). It is part of Venice Biennale, a contemporary arts exhibition. The festival shows the best selection of international cinematography, and is multi-award winning.

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Festival De Cannes (France)

This world famous festival dates back to 1946, where it started as a rival to the Venice film festival. It prides itself on showcasing new and upcoming genres and styles of filmography, as well as upcoming actors.

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Berlin Film Festival (Germany)

This is the last of the “big 3”, and is renowned for its great films, glamour, and parties. During the festival, over 400 international films are shown which showcase some of the best current talent, as well as experimental and unfamiliar cinematography.

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Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival (England)

For a smaller scale festival, try this! It hosts exciting new talent from all over the world, and has competitions for the best short film. You can also see special speakers discussing their road to success and secrets of the industry!


Bucharest International Film Festival (Romania)

This is recognised as one of the best Eastern-European Film Festivals. In previous years, it has hosted many prestigious guests, and each year, it shows a complex range of film categories, and has a very unique charm!

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Iris Prize Film Festival (Wales)                        

This is a LGBT short film prize festival, and every year it is host to different competitions, each with a prize of funding and support. It’s the perfect festival to enjoy some exciting and often inspiring cinematography from around the world, and you can guarantee a great party at the end!

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Raindance Festival (England)

Raindance festival celebrates independent and alternative filmmakers from across the globe. It is currently in its 23rd year, and in recent years it had premiered The Blair Witch Project, Oldboy and Ghost World.

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Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival (France)

After Cannes, this is the second largest film festival in France.  With over 600 films shown every year, there really is something for everyone!!

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Warsaw Film Festival (Poland)

The Warsaw Film festival started 26 years ago as a student event, but now it is the starting place for many new filmmakers from all over the world! The festival prides itself on showing the most up-t-date cinema, and new styles of filmmaking.


Transylvania International Film Festival (Transylvania)

In the last 12 years, this festival has been recognised as a great platform for any new filmmaker. It showcases a diverse choice of films, and it’s set in a fabulous location!

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And that really is just a few of the film festivals and filmathons in Europe. For even more, check out the European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation website ( or this Guardian article (