20 England Highlights Camper tour

These are the 20 places you must see while travelling around England. You will probably need more than a week to see them all and to actually spend some time there and explore the surroundings, especially in the Lake district region but you should try and see as many as possible.


Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument and one of the world wonders, so a must see on your trip!




The Cotswolds is a lovely region on the south of England.

It combines stunning landscapes with lovely little villages which makes it the perfect scenery for a road trip.



Brighton is a lovely town, about 1 hour south of London. It is located directly at the sea and offers loads for family and travellers.


Seven Sisters

The seven sisters are stunning cliffs down at the coast between Eastbourne and Seaford. Expect stunning views and a fresh ocean breeze.



Bristol, situated in the southwest of England, is famous for its maritime history.

The original harbour now has loads of restaurants, shops and museums.



Bath is a lovely town in the southwest of England which should definitely make your short list.

It’s famous for its Roman Baths which can still be visited and bathed in.




Cambridge is known to the most people through its University but his has much more to offer for a visit. There are lots of nice sights to explore and activities to do.



Also Oxford has a lot to offer next to its University. Nice buildings, parks and lots to explore awaits you in this city north from London.



Kent is a lovely city in South East England with stunning castles and nice landscapes to explore.  



Canterbury – the cathedral city in Southeast England. You can explore ancient walls, winding streets and lovely houses. The Canterbury Cathedral is the main Church in England of the Anglican Communion.




Dreaming of stunning beaches and amazing Landscapes? Come to Cornwall and you won’t be disappointed.


Eden Project

The Eden Project is the biggest inside Garden of the UK. It’s a botanical garden and has many different diverse plants and flowers. The best thing about it, it’s weather independent.




Dartmoor is a National Park in southwest England. It’s famous for its wild Dartmoor ponies and it offers perfect hiking opportunities through lush forest, rivers, wetlands and rocks.

It’s a rather remote area so perfect for a couple of days off the beaten track.



Exmoor is another National Park close to Devon in the south west of England. It is the home of more wild ponies, moorlands, stunning landscapes and the river Exe.


Devon and Dorset, the Jurassic Coast

Another World Heritage Site which stretches for 96 miles in the south of England between Devon and Dorset. The cliff formations are going back more than 185 million years and you shouldn’t miss out on them on your road trip.



Lake District

Lake District National Park shouldn’t be missed on your road trip because it’s simply stunning. It has amazing landscapes, lakes, mountains so it’s perfect to recharge your batteries and even more perfect for a camping holiday.

Lake District is located in the north west of England.

Lake District

Yorkshire Dales

Another lovely National Park with stunning Landscape in Northern England. It is close to the stunning town of York.



York’s history is going far back and it’s famous for the York Minster, a 13th century Gothic Cathedral which is impressively stunning. It is also completely surrounded by City Walls which can be explored via walkways.


Hadrians Wall

This is an important piece of the English history and states back to 122 AD. It’s a Roman wall and was used for defence.



Liverpool is another historic maritime city and is situated in northwest England. It’s not just famous for its trade port but also because it’s the hometown of The Beatles.