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Bond reduction (insurance) options

We recommend travelling with complete peace of mind. You have travelled a long way so why let the unknown risk spoil your holiday in the UK or Europe.

To drive a Spaceship you must be a minimum age of 21 years old and have held a licence for more than 1 year. Please see below for more details:

You only need a normal car license to drive any spaceship vehicle.


Vehicle     Age (years old)
Camper Car 21+
Delta 21+
Voyager 21+
Family Motorhome 21+
Luxury Motorhome 21+
VW Caddy Maxi 7 seater 21+
Ford Transit 9 seater minibus 21+


All Spaceships campervan rentals come with standard insurance included for no extra cost in the daily rate. As the hirer, you are responsible for the excess of £1500 (£2000 if a Motorhome) if you chose to stick with the minimum insurance. You may also upgrade to our All Inclusive Insurance to reduce the excess to £0.00

With our standard insurance, Third Party insurance is included including single accidents as long as the insurers deem you not to be at fault. The full excess will still be taken whilst we wait for our insurer's final decision. If at fault you will be liable for these costs.



Standard Liability

Half Cover

All Inclusive

Windscreen Cover




Window/Glass damage












Under body





UK & Ireland travel only insurance options:

Minimum Insurance Included £1500 N/A
Minimum Insurance- Motorhome Included £2000 N/A
Half Cover £10 £750 £300
Half Cover - Motorhome £15 £1000 £400
All Inclusive  £20 No bond £500
All Inclusive - Motorhome £30 No bond £800


All Europe (EU countries plus Switzerland, Norway, Serbia & Croatia) insurance options:


  Cost per day Bond/Liability Maximum Collectable
Minimum Insurance Included £1500 N/A
Minimum Insurance - Motorhome Included £2000 N/A
All Inclusive  £25 No bond £800
All Inclusive - Motorhome £35 No bond £900


 ** Maximum collectable means the total maximum cost for selecting a particular insurance option. For example, if you chose All Inclusive cover (UK & Ireland) the amount you pay is capped at £500 (£800 for Motorhomes) for any hires which are 33 (30 for Motorhomes) days or more.


* Please note that our motorhomes have some additional insurance terms which can be found here: 

The Motorhome All Inclusive Insurance has four exception which are:

- any damage to the underside caused by driving off road

- any damage to the vehicle which occurs over 1.8 metres from the ground

- any damage to the vehicle caused by reversing manoeuvres

- damage to the water system caused by putting fuel in the water tank


At Spaceships, we strive to not be part of the reputation that the industry has with damage/repair charges. We take and send pictures of your vehicle to your email prior to each hire including mileage and fuel to ensure that our customers are not getting charged for damages they have not responsible for.  

For any damage that is chargeable, we believe in a fair transparent pricing structure that is available prior to booking, so you can make a better-informed decision on insurance choices.

CLICK HERE to see the pricing for damages to our vehicles whilst on hire.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for full information on Bond Reduction Options.


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