Cancel my booking

Please use this form to send in your booking cancellation request. 

Our cancellation fees are as follows:

a) If cancelled 31+ days prior then forfeit 20% of gross rental
b) If cancelled 21-30 days prior then forfeit 50% of gross rental
c) If cancelled 8-20 days prior then forfeit 75% of gross rental
d) If cancelled 0- 7 days prior then forfeit 100% of gross rental

Please note this also applies to amending your booking and shortening the number of days. 

What are my options if the UK goes back into a full lockdown?

Option 1: Claim a full refund

Option 2: Get a voucher for the amount paid valid until the end of 2021

CLICK HERE for further information and terms

To cancel, please fill in the fields below (all fields are required), and submit this cancellation request form. Our reservations team will follow up via email as soon as possible. 

Your cancellation fees will be calculated based on the day you send this, not the time we reply.