Add accessories to your campervan hire

Camping in the UK and Europe is a great way to holiday. There are lots of different campsites along the way in all sorts of different landscapes. 

Our most popular accessories are listed below.


Table and chairs combo £20

Table and chair combo2

A table and chairs combo adds great value offering outdoor seating and eating options.
You get one camp table and two chairs. This is our most popular combo at only £20



GPS unit

8190mmQlfRL. SL1500

Don’t get lost out there. Hire a Sat Nav unit for only £5 per day. 

 Gas for portable cooker 4 for £10 (1 for £3.50)

s l300


USB car charger £5


Don't hesitate to contact us when you make your booking and we can add these items for you and have it waiting for when you arrive!