Our Terms & Conditions

Our fine print or Terms & Conditions are bundled in one easy-to-read document. It contains all the important info that you agree to when hiring a Spaceships campervan, motorhome or people carrier (booked online or offline).

Read our Terms & Conditions (PDF)

Contents of our Terms & Conditions

And these are the topics covered in our Terms & Conditions.

  1. Interpretation
  2. Agreement
  3. Driver
  4. Where You Can and Cannot Drive the Vehicle
  5. Use of the Vehicle
  6. Hirers Responsibility
  7. Maintenance, Security and Safety
  8. Bond
  9. Insurance Options 
  10. Indemnity & Release
  11. Return of the Vehicle
  12. Acknowledgement & Warranties
  13. Infringement Notices (such as parking fines)
  14. Cancellation & Deposit
  15. Our Obligations
  16.  VAT
  17. Termination
  18. Jurisdiction
  19. Waiver
  20. Dispute Resolution
  21. Motorhome Specific Terms
  22. Relocations Specific Terms

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At Spaceships, we strive to not be part of the reputation that the industry has with damage/repair charges. We take and send pictures of your vehicle to your email prior to each hire including mileage and fuel to ensure that our customers are not getting charged for damages they have not responsible for.  

For any damage that is chargeable, we believe in a fair transparent pricing structure that is available prior to booking, so you can make a better-informed decision on insurance choices.

CLICK HERE to see the pricing for damages to our vehicles whilst on hire.